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Malachowo is now divided into 3 scultetiae (solectwa):
Malachowo Kepe, Malachowo Wierzbiczany
and Malachowo Zlych Miejsc.

Malachowo Szemborowice now belongs
to the scultetia of Malachowo Kepe,
for population reasons, apparently.

Each scultetia is headed by an elected Mayor (Soltys).
And each has its own Council of few persons.
Their names and addresses are:

Mayors and Councils of Malachowo villages elected for 2003-2006 Ewa Wiatrowska, elected Mayor of Malachowo Kepe 2003-2006
Henryk Bartlomiejczak, Mayor of Malachowo Wierzbiczany 2003-2006 Zenon Mietlicki, Mayor of Malachowo Zlych Miejsc 2003-2006